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IN A WHEELCHAIR AT A TABLE with two other men, my eyes sliding past him at first then finding him – man, I am NOT used to seeing him like this! – we spot my father.  In his new home. 

Crouching next to him, I say quietly,

“Hey, old man.  I told you I’d get you close.  I said I’d keep you safe.”...

ACTUALLY, IT WAS RATHER JOYOUS as we marched into the Nursing Home and tatted up father’s room-to-be.  We furfled the furniture round, made a few notes about this and that and the strangest thing was that when we put a certain picture on the wall – despite it never having been anywhere near an area...

now it feels real
we pick photographs and arrange them in large frames
for the wall of his new room
and we pick through the clothes he has
so he has the most suitable clothes
for his new life
which is going to be so close
and so much safer than he’s been for a long time
but each of us disappears to...

NERVOUS MOTHER, BROTHER CHOMPING at the bit. Yes, we did this yesterday. This one’s about funding… it’s how we pay for it and how the whole thing works. It’s okay. Handshakes and smiles all round. My, these folks dealing with us are pleasant.

Brilliant. Funding is now in place. All we have to do is g...

NERVOUS MOTHER, BROTHER CHOMPING at the bit. Relax, people, he’s coming to do a benefits check. He’s on our side. He arrives, the nice man from the Elderly Association and goes through what he needs to with charm and more than just politeness. Despite the genteel and comfortable surroundings, he can...

DECISIONS AND PHONECALLS MADE and it’s now a case of “hurry up and wait…” Were I rich, I’d simply hire a private ambulance and get the job done – yes, actually, for both of them – to a luxury home of my choice anywhere in… well, in the world. But no, we’re stuck with trying to get the old man close...

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