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The marking of barbeques was achieved through ANEC pressure in the development of an amendment to a European Standard, EN 1860-1/A1 “Appliances, solid fuels and firelighters for barbecuing – Part 1: Barbecues burning solid fuels - Requirements & test methods”. - ANEC - Raising Standards for Consumer...

The chemical composition and aroma of essential oils are known to provide many psychological and physical therapeutic benefits. These benefits can be obtained by either inhaling their scent or by applying their diluted versions directly to the skin. - Autism Parenting Magazine

Here are 10 of the best...

There is a huge difference between effort and caring. Sometimes we might need to put in 100% effort, but this doesn’t mean that we have to care 100%.

For example, if you are helping your child prepare for an exam that is important to their future career, if your child is drowning and you need to save...

Smilin’ on the outside
While I’m cryin’ on the inside
Why can‘t I just let you know
Why is it that I can’t show you
Who I really am

Behind my mask, beneath my shell
If you look hard you will find
A lonely child with a sad sweet smile
A special friend of mine
That part of me I won’t let you see

It doesn’t seem all that long ago that we started following Jenson’s Journey but it was actually back in 2012 when his mum Katie shared their fundraising campaign so Jenson could receive surgery at St Louis Children’s Hospital. Jenson was born with Cerebral Palsy (Spastic Hemiplegia) which meant tha...

The other week we were very excited to hear that Ian Broughall’s ‘Check Your Balls’ video had reached 20,000 hits and as at writing this post it has now reached over 20,400!

You may have read Ian’s story of surviving testicular cancer which he shared with our community yonks back. Ian, was fortunate...

Do you suffer ‘Chronic’ Pain?

The use of the term ‘Chronic’, in medicine is (loosely) defined as a health condition, detrimental to well-being and lasting continuously for more than a few months! For example, depression, anxiety, back pain, respiratory illnesses, such as bronchitis, or emphysema.


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