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Boundaries are so important. They are where we end and the rest of the world begins. When we are targeted by toxic people, boundaries become blurred. We become part of their personal world, and our own sense of self is expertly crushed. Boundaries are not allowed, and we are made to feel that mainta...

We all have a little bit of something in us; even narcissistic traits!

Everyone to some extent is 'narcissistic'. Healthy narcissism means that you have the ability to get your needs met, without damaging other people whilst doing so. Unhealthy narcissism is at play when individuals operate to an 'I...

Sometimes I need to be part of a community of folk just like me.

Only, since I am unique, and so is he, so is she, so are you, and so, most assuredly, is my M2F transgender cousin, and my other cousin who is camp as a row of tents and a nasty homophobic bigot, I have no idea what you and I have in co...

Whether we visit our elders or they come to stay with us, do we look forward to our time together?

The festive holiday season is perhaps a time that demands more of us than almost any other time of the year (the second being summer holidays). Why is this?

  • The impact on household finances because o...

Married couples often consider long-term separation, rather than a divorce; or maybe worse, stay together despite irreconcilable differences, citing an inability to overcome financial barriers. Financial considerations are still, and rightly so, a major factor along with the custody of children and...

There are many of us who live with depression on a daily basis. I'm not referring to 'our own' depression but rather that of a partner. If this is something that you have lived with, either for a short period of time or for many years, you will agree that it can be very frustrating at times as we wa...

New paint on the walls, the decorating’s done,
It’s time to pick a floor now, this will be fun!
At least that’s what the wife said but I found it boring,
Standing in a shop to argue about flooring!

What better choice could there be than a carpet?
Think about the kids, though, what if they mark it?

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