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Firstly, a big thank you to all who have supported us throughout the year(s). We cannot mention everything that goes on with our members but it sure does not go unnoticed! Here are a few highlights which we will kick off with more of an observation.

Could it be CEN?

As you know we work closely with Bo...

The marking of barbeques was achieved through ANEC pressure in the development of an amendment to a European Standard, EN 1860-1/A1 “Appliances, solid fuels and firelighters for barbecuing – Part 1: Barbecues burning solid fuels - Requirements & test methods”. - ANEC - Raising Standards for Consumer...


To: Press Association

CC Amber Rudd Energy Secretary; Dr Nigel Griffiths; Lord Philip Hunt; Lady Masham; Lord Steve Bassam; Baroness Dianne Hayter; Miscellaneous CSI Members and Colleagues; Relevant European Colleagues

Some twenty-five years ago Gas Expert, the late Tony Pompe, who owned...

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