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Some blooody Journo
became a bit of a hero
as he struggled and strived
to stay alive
to finish his best-seller
about his Cancer.

He broke the News
in the way his muse
told him: his column –
first daily, then
weekly. A Digest
of his Digestive Collapse.

That’s what got him.

Not the Drinker’s Liver
nor th...

The new air conditioning was working very well in the sumptuous office: the moment the thick, yet delicately fragranced, cigar smoke plumed from The Don’s mouth, it was casually and somehow discretely spirited away, leaving just an aftertang of high quality Cuban tobacco, hand rolled on the thighs o...

Another memory surfaces: it’s in the speed-blurred slo-mo of good memories that lasted too short a time. It’s late summer, and the smell and feel of hay bales stacked around various stalls, the sound of the wooden balls hitting oversized splintered skittles and the laughter of the village children –...

It strikes me there are four basic ways people existed in the white heat of the red-hot revolution of the 1960’s.

Firstly, there was the War Generation. My parents’ group. They endured the Second World War, came through rationing and were used to being grey and dull and remembering vaguely what colou...

AS ALWAYS, THIS is the time of year when ghosts are flying around me like the hopes and fears of all the tears never to be shed, and the grief of those already flowing into the river of time like a small tributary. Outside, the world is covered with a springtime drizzle of polluted water from the mu...

ONCE UPON A TIME, there was a man who lived in a small pocket-sized English city, and his name was Peter. Due to the prevailing socio-economic political climate and circumstances beyond his control, he had a total lifestyle failure and was left cowering and gibbering in the corner of his living room...

It was far too early o’clock on a cold wet June morning, the window was encrusted with semi-wet sand-infused sea slime, and mountains lurked far away in the mist. Wind rattled the door and blew the curtains about a bit in front of the ill-fitting farting window. This was how Peter recalled his holid...

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