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I recently went back to work in a school setting as a Special Education Paraprofessional (K-5th). When...

Originally, I was going to write about ‘CABBY’s New Shop’ – you know, CABBY and I wanted to highlight the hard work that has gone into their amazing system and how we want it on all school computers – NOW. I was going to draw attention to the recent Facebook photo series ‘I am worthy of your support...

A few years ago I wrote a post about this topic. The sentiment did well with readers and seemed to resonate with numerous people. With that in mind, I decided to resurrect the subject for 2012.

LeanOnUs attempts to embrace differences and help people through hardships. They support and encourage thei...

One: Clothing, hair, shoes and all things materialistic – these things REALLY matter now. When my son was little, he played in the dirt. That was free. Now he wants name brand jeans, shoes and tees. I wish I’d created a savings account long ago, to pay for this new HIM.

Two: Electronics rule. Between...

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