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Our 1st Anniversary
LeanOnUs 1st Anniversary

Firstly, we would like to convey a special ‘thank you’ to Michael Voogd of VoogDesigns for kicking off our celebrations with his donation of artwork to commemorate our first anniversary.


Bruce Sallan Radio Show

Be a guest on Bruce’s weekly radio show. If you have something to say then this is for you! One person will win a segment to be a guest of Bruce Sallan who hosts his own radio show at You may have noticed his weekly columns that he shares with us. Go have a read as it’s not just for dads!

Multi-Gamers Paradise – Gaming on Yahoo!

If you like gaming on Yahoo! and love playing Canasta, Cribbage or Backgammon then enter to win 5000 MyLeague LadderBux. MGP is THE ‘drama- free’ gaming league who play most days of the week. 3 winners will receive 5000 bux if they sign up as an active member to play with the league.

ShieldCPS (RPT)

CABBY, that cute green alien who likes to help protect children, is donating one software system of ShieldCPS (RPT) to one school. If you would like this amazing system in your school (and I’m sure you do!) then tell your school, parents and friends about this unique system! The demo shows the version for ages 11+ but if the winning school is under 11’s then it can be customised upon request. If you require a language other than English you will need to contact us to arrange this.

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