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Me and SoMe!

Okay, so maybe you are wondering why I called this post ‘Me and SoMe’? Well obviously those who are familiar with ‘social media’ will know the term but I didn’t! Yes, it is embarrassing and even though I have seen the term used I hadn’t a clue what it meant; I even ‘Googled it’ and got nowhere!

Anyway, that was one of the questions I had to ask this week at #DadChat and got my answer – ‘Socal Media’! Kinda obvious really as that is what we talk about a LOT and this week on #DadChat (hosted by Bruce Sallan) that was the topic. It was entitled ‘Do Our Kids Have Social Media Klout?

The #DadChat Discussion

On Thursday night Bruce Sallan’s co-host was Jure Klepic of Social Media, Pointedly – Social Media ~ Marketing ~ Branding. Read the short ‘About Jure Klepic‘ which is most impressive as he has had many years experience in international marketing and sales and was named top 10 on in December this last year! You can also follow Jure aka @jkcallas on Twitter.

A big focus for the discussion was the well known video of the dad who shot his daughter’s laptop and posted it on YouTube in reaction to her posting about her family on Facebook. So as you can imagine the comments were coming thick and fast with over 1400 Tweets by 117 contributors. AND it was fiery with lots of strong opinions! To be honest, there were so many good points made with regard to the video and social media and our kids that I don’t even know where to start on the highlights.

About #DadChat and Joining In

Every Thursday, at 6pm PST, Bruce starts #DadChat and it runs for approximately 1 hour. There is a lot of ‘pre-chat’ chat and it usually goes on past the ‘#DadChat bedtime’ at 7pm but officially it’s the hour (6-7pm). If you are late you can still catch up as Tweeps will bring you up to speed and you can soon get to grips with the conversation. It’s a lot of fun, even when it is a serious topic that is being discussed, as Bruce has a few other things to throw into the mix.

As you know by now, each week Bruce hosts different topics for the dads but the moms are invited too; actually everyone is invited as some that attend aren’t moms or dads! There is a good mix of people that observe and join in. Bruce has a friendly community and it is very welcoming!

New to #DadChat?

If this is the first time that you have read about #DadChat, check out my other posts on this blog to give you a feel for what goes on (‘Echoes‘ was my first post). If you have any questions about joining in or signing up to Twitter you can contact me. There is always a ‘first time’ and as you can see I’m still learning (ie SoMe – haha). So don’t feel bad asking any questions and if I am unable to help I will find someone who can. If you want to drop by to observe to see what it’s like I don’t mind talking you through it. Why not check it out?

Just for Fun – Top 20 Impressions #DadChat

@angelamaiers (1.8 mil), @brucesallan (1.7 mil), @jkcallas (1.2 mil), @lovelylu (663k), @innovativeedu (527k), @pegfitzpatrick (470k), @barrybirkett (334k), @sonya_leanonus (275k), @cupcakecutiekit (267k), @tobeydeys (231k), @janetcallaway (181k), @mimibakermn (165k), @manvdadhood (152k), @azmomofmanyhats (134k), @lorimoreno (132k), @jplovescotton (120k), @paulbiedermann (99.6k), @jodiokun (86.7k), @matthewliberty (78.7k) and @mqtodd (67.7k).

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