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#AngryPolicyholder is gonna be on TV!

Our VERY OWN Chris Hargreaves is going to be on television this week. YES, we have claimed Chris as our very own as he is going to be on TV!

Joking aside, Chris (aka AngryPolicyholder) has been working very hard on his campaign with regard to the insurance industry within the UK and their mission is …

“…to stop insurers selling policies with these definitions as they are flawed and friendly and mutuals already manage to sell IP and CIC without ADL & ADW whilst keeping premiums cost-effective and also pay out claims at a much higher rate…”

“…We are not anti-insurance, we just want fair treatment for all policy holders and to stop any other person or family having their lives ruined when they try to make a claim in their hour of need…”

I won’t go into detail as you can read the small print, oops I mean, read his story behind the campaign How ill do you have to be to have a successful claim on Income Protection Insurance? along with the details on the campaign itself.

If you follow AngryPolicyholder on Twitter or Facebook you will love his posts; he has been great at drawing attention to this issue and is helping a lot of people.

We would like to thank Chris again for sharing his story with us and letting us be part of helping others. It’s wonderful to see what the members of our community can achieve and fantastic that LeanOnUs can play a small part in helping raise awareness of important issues such as this.

Anyway, tune in to BBC One on Wednesday morning at 9:15 (GMT) to watch ‘Rip Off Britain‘

“…Among today’s stories, a family devastated by a catch in the small print forcing them out of their home, how a fundamental part of your holiday may not be covered by your travel insurance, and one man’s campaign to transform an entire industry…”

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