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Destiny’s Dance

I wanted to share one of our latest events with you in case you haven’t connected with us on Facebook. Danielle Pierre is working along with us on this event and we would like to say ‘thank you’ AGAIN! This event will be running through until the 4th of February. Due to the time difference in different countries and not to be too pedantic we will be flexible on the time that it expires but encourage you to get in now as you will be supporting two great causes…

“It’s through our thoughts that we experience life” … Danielle Pierre has compiled over 60 of her poems into ‘Destiny’s Dance – A Book of Poetry’ and it is available by clicking the link at the end of this post or click on the book to join the event on Facebook.

We would like to convey a special thank you to Danielle for not only allowing us to share this event with you but if you purchase the PDF version at $4.99 Danielle has kindly offered to donate half of the sales to the LeanOnUs community fundraiser. This is a great opportunity for you to receive a lovely book of poetry while at the same time supporting both D-Talks Radio and LeanOnUs.

A little bit about Danielle and D-Talks Radio

Danielle is a life coach whose focus is mind-mastery and overall wellness. It is Danielle’s belief that our consistent thought patterns create our reality and she works with others to teach them how to change their thought patterns in order to improve the quality of their lives. This can vary from subtle or drastic life changes depending on the desire of the client.

Additionally, Danielle is the author of the self-help book “Just Make it Happen” and creator of ‘Hearts for Haiti’ (a book of poetry, art and inspiration) that helped to raise funds for the re-building of Haiti since the earthquake in 2010.

As well as writing, Danielle co-hosts D-Talks Radio Show with Denise Brown. Denise is an expert on domestic violence and abuse and has been speaking on the subject since the murder of her sister, Nicole Brown Simpson, in 1994. The weekly radio show features expert guests who educate, bring awareness and offer solutions to topics such as domestic violence, child abuse, human trafficking and various other social issues. They also address motivation, wellness and other self-empowering topics as well as shine the light on people and organizations who are making a difference such as “Kids are Heroes” and “Urban Arts Partnership”, among many others.

Danielle and Denise actively promote overall wellness through education, awareness and solution.

Thank you for your support and please click here for ‘Destiny’s Dance – Book of Poetry‘.

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