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‘Check Your Balls’ at Cambridge United FC #CUFC

Update: Ian and his team did a fantastic job on the day of raising £300 for Cancer Research UK and £200 for Help Harry Help Others! #HHHO.

Even though my son is only thirteen we have already discussed the subject of testicular cancer. As a parent, it can be difficult to decide what the ‘right age’ is when it comes to discussing certain things. You don’t want to scare your child but obviously it is important that they realise how essential it is to look after and to be aware of their bodies as they grow up. About 4 years ago we also had a family member who had to undergo surgery due to testicular cancer. I think he was 32 when it was diagnosed. We never really discussed it in detail but I remember when I took him for one of his check-ups at Addenbrooke’s Hospital that they took blood tests and did x-rays. Initially it was monthly – then the visits became quarterly, half-yearly and now yearly. Fortunately, he was able to avoid further treatment as they caught it very quickly. From what I understand, testicular cancer has one of the highest survival rates if caught early but can be devastating if treatment is delayed as it can become aggressive in a short time.

So now on to ‘Check Your Balls’…

If you know or follow Lord Ian Broughall then you will already know that he is crazy-fun! If you didn’t know that then you do now after watching his campaign video! Over a year ago Ian shared his heart-warming personal experience with LeanOnUs as well as campaign video (shown above). When Ian was 28 years old he was diagnosed with testicular cancer so Ian and his team created this video to deliver the message as to how important it is for young men between the ages of 18 and 30 to regularly check their testicles for lumps; much in the same way that women check their breasts. Ian’s story is an important one. Not only because he wants to raise awareness, but to let men know that they can survive with the amazing treatment that is available and with early diagnosis.

After Ian was given the all clear from testicular cancer in 1986, following a year of chemotherapy, he organised two football matches with the then EASTENDERS actors which raised a lot of money for The Royal Marsden in Surrey. He’s done numerous other events too, but we will keep this brief… he did this until he joined Nokia and moved to Asia in 1990. Since returning to the UK, in 2007, he has done a few events, but they have all been quite low-key. He has held many events with Bob Champion for his trust at the children’s ward at The Royal Marsden.

So for the latest fundraiser at CUFC…

Ian and his friends will be meeting up at Ian’s place and then heading out to Cambridge United Football Club at Abbey Stadium on the 30th of March. There will be a bunch of them going around with buckets, bracelets and flyers at half time. Please watch out for them as they will be raising money for Cancer Research UK in the Eastern Region and Testicular Cancer. Pop on over to Loony Lord Toby Jug’s event for details and to and show your support!

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