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Help Bring Some Peace #JusticeForNoleen

This was brought to my attention by The Shame of Ireland. To say that I have no idea what to say about this story, is an understatement. Horrific doesn’t even begin to cover it. What I would like to say though, is this… “Please help to bring some peace and #JusticeForNoleen by signing this petition.

Interview with Cynthia Owen – Part One

Interview with Cynthia Owen – Part Two

Noleen Betrayed 41 Years

"This has been set up with the intention of getting my story out to the world. My daughter Noleen was born, and died on 4th April 1973, murdered by my own mother. Noleen was conceived by either my father, or two older brothers, or any member of a local paedophile ring, made up of 13 men.

These men were friends of my fathers that consisted of 3 serving police officers, two who worked on the murder case of my daughter Noleen. They also covered up her death, and murder, including those guilty of sexually abusing me and my siblings.

Three of my siblings ended their lives due to the abuse. I went on to give birth to a second child, through the abuse, that was stillborn. My son John was buried in the garden of my family home.

Noleen’s body was found in Dunlaoghaire in April 1973. Her murder case was investigated for six weeks, then downgraded to infanticide without the permission of a court. Her inquest was opened then adjourned, and never held again until I came forward and lobbied to have the inquest heard.

She was buried just 5 days after her body was found, in a mass grave, with other babies, who all died of natural causes. However, as a murder victim Noleen should have been buried alone.

Forty years later no one has even spent a day in prison. Six men are still alive, belonging to the local paedophile ring, called the “Sorrento Six”. My two brothers are still alive but, despite a 19 year campaign for justice, they are still alive and free." - Cynthia Owen

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