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Carbon Monoxide BBQ Warning Label Raises Standards

The marking of barbeques was achieved through ANEC pressure in the development of an amendment to a European Standard, EN 1860-1/A1 “Appliances, solid fuels and firelighters for barbecuing – Part 1: Barbecues burning solid fuels - Requirements & test methods”. - ANEC - Raising Standards for Consumers.

In April 2017, we released an updated version of 'Be Safe This Summer!' - a carbon monoxide awareness resource to help educate children of the dangers associated with carbon monoxide. This update included our new branding as well as an example of the warning label to be permanently fixed on all barbecue grills, packaging and manufacturer's instructions advising consumers of the dangers of carbon monoxide.

We are pleased to confirm that this marking came into force on 31st December 2017 and we will start seeing it displayed on BBQs during 2018.

Standards are always voluntary, but it is in the interest of manufacturers to comply with standards in order to give presumption of conformity with EU legislation. - ANEC

The work behind this change has taken considerable time and we congratulate ANEC, Stephen Hadley and Molly Maher on their efforts in making this change happen.


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