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Stay warm but SAFE this winter!

Following the release of several translations of our summer carbon monoxide awareness leaflet, Be Safe This Summer, we have tailored this leaflet for the winter season. It’s not just through the summer months (ie barbecue and camping season), that carbon monoxide poses a danger. Many families holiday through the winter and stay in various types of accommodation that include appliances and/or cooking facilities which may give off carbon monoxide. The same awareness can be applied when we are at home; prevention of CO poisoning starts with ensuring that all our gaseous appliances are serviced regularly and not just ‘checked’.

This leaflet is free to download, print and share.



With special thanks to:


Stephen Hadley (Personal Advisor to CSI, Expert Advisor on Gas and Carbon Monoxide to ANEC and Expert Advisor to the Director-General for EC Justice and Consumers Product and Service Safety Unit)


Molly Maher (President of CSI – Consumer Safety International)


Bob Brotchie (Founder of ICE – In Case of Emergency)

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