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If you would like to talk to a professional, in confidence, please contact Bob Brotchie at Anglia Counselling. Bob has been supporting us since 2012 and is based in Newmarket near Cambridge. If you are located outside of the UK, Bob also offers counselling via Skype, email or telephone.


If you are going through some difficulties, Bob may be able to help navigate you in the right direction. Give him a try!

As well as being a wonderful support, Bob has also written for us. He has led an interesting life, and career, and has shared some of this with us in Nirvana and Me and He may have a warm heart, but he’s got ICE in his veins!. You can ‘search’ for Bob on our community blog for other helpful information or check out the blog on his website. As you will find out, Bob is unique; he isn’t your usual therapist…


“I’m not your ‘usual’ therapist. I’m not a cold academic, and I’m not into long uncomfortable silences. When you work with me, I’m in your corner, offering warm, unconditional support and practical strategies that will transform your life.”

Bob Brotchie The Navigator
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