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Mental Health Guidance 

This is a free, and confidential, question & answer service run by Anglia Counselling that has an outstanding reputation and professional background and specialises in counselling, psychotherapy and mindfulness training.

Who would find this service helpful?

Anyone who finds themselves overwhelmed by anxiety or depression, has work or relationship issues, suffers from low self-esteem or phobias or is dealing with negative thoughts and/or behaviours.

Who is this service suitable for?

Adults, teens/young adults and children (from age 8 upwards).

Who qualifies for this service?

LeanOnUs members and members of the public who are able to converse in the English language.

This is a free and confidential service provided by Anglia Counselling. Subject to availability, a full fee-paying service may also be offered where appropriate. Send an email if you would like to talk to us about something else.


Topics of Common Concerns

MAAPP provides an inventory of thousands of resources available to support children, adults and families. Built for professionals but available to all, MAAPP also empowers parents and carers by providing valuable information that may not otherwise be easily available.

LinkIndex is a beautiful keyring providing unique QR codes and with the lanyard gives you instant access to over 400 targeted resources and is designed for all agencies that support children, adults and families.

Click on the image or button visit MAAPP.

Safety Awareness

Awareness and educational resources are free to download and share.

Click on any of the images for further information.

The Silent Killer Carbon Monoxide Leaflet
Be Safe This Summer V8.png
Stay warm but SAFE this winter!
Cool as ICE - In Case of Emergency awareness for children
 Be ‘Internet Healthy’
Feeling Anxious?
Are you feeling sad and worried?
12 Tips to Lengthen the Fuse for Anger – and Stop the Clock!
10 Steps to Conquering Your Anxiety
Living with Anxiety


Awareness and educational resources are free to download and share.

Click on any of the images for further information.

Health Awareness


Anglia Counselling (Newmarket) and LeanOnUs partnered with Swan Waters in January 2018 to launch Narcissist Avoidance Action Week. After observing a great need, this has become an evergreen event to raise awareness and provide support to those dealing with any unhealthy (toxic) relationship such as within the family unit, with individuals outside the family, a high-control group or a cultic organisation​.

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