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Celebrating 10 Years!

This month we have been celebrating our 10th anniversary. Where has the time gone?!

We would like to thank all our visitors and those who have supported and shared our website and those who reached out to us. We would also like to express thanks to all those who took the time to write to us and those who provided us with feedback.

To celebrate our anniversary, weRtranslations helped us with the release of an Arabic version of ‘Be Safe This Summer!’ so we now have 9 languages available in this series. We continue to work alongside Robert Winchurch, at MobilityProducts4U in raising awareness of CO poisoning by educating children using our leaflets. We are just incredibly sad that Molly is not here to share this event with us.

If you are not already aware, Molly Maher’s son died in 1985 when he was on holiday with his sister in Tenerife; Gary was 26 and was poisoned by carbon monoxide. His sister, Sheree, survived after being in a coma for 4 months but was left with debilitating injuries that even now, over 30 years later, she is still in a wheelchair and still receives treatment for injuries related to that incident. During the following years, Molly worked to effect change and to raise standards in holiday accommodation. She then went on to register her charity, Consumer Safety International (CSI), in 1992 and one of the areas that CSI focused on was CO safety. In 2013 Robert Winchurch and LeanOnUs got involved in CO awareness and started the ‘Be Safe This Summer!’ campaign in 2014 to help educate children and young adults. The loss of Molly in 2020 was a great one and has left a huge hole in our hearts.


Click here for the Arabic PDF


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