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What it means to “Be the change…”

The following heartfelt tribute testifies to the impact our community has had over the past five years. On behalf of LOU, “Thank you!” as, without your support, LeanOnUs would not be the community that it is today!

Maybe we’ve all heard the immortal words of Mahatma Gandhi “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

But what does that really mean for us as individuals?

It’s not that we’re failures, rather that we can elect the power of choice to grow, psychologically, spiritually, soulfully, and intellectually, by tasting new experiences, and by learning from those who would choose to share inspiring stories.

The world is blessed with many individuals who would give of themselves for the benefit of others. One such person, I have been gifted to work and collaborate with is about to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the online community she has created and nurtured over many thousands of hours.

Sonya created the LeanOnUs (LOU) community to make available to all, help and support and a sharing of life and it’s myriad of challenges that are the fabric of all our experiences. In doing so, she, and her fellow contributors – carefully sourced, bring advice and guidance, hope and light for those who sit silently afraid to reach out and in doing so, provides a conduit for those who wish to serve. Sonya has never sought recognition or recompense while she burns the midnight oil night after night seeking only to ease the pain.

This celebration – and the LOU community – makes possible the ability and choice to be the change they would wish to see in the world.

If we all ask how we can influence positive change for those who may benefit, rather than what’s in it for me, then surely this world can be a much brighter place for us all.

Thank you, Sonya. Thank you for allowing me the honour of sharing your journeys, for all you have done for mine also – and those I wish to serve.

Bob Brotchie
Counsellor at Anglia Counselling &
Creator of ICE – In Case of Emergency

LeanOnUs 1st Logo

The first draft of our logo in 2011

LeanOnUs Roses by Samantha age 15

By Samantha (aged 15) Aug 2011

LeanOnUs Logo with Original Flowers

September 2011

LeanOnUs Logo with New Flower

May 2012

1st Anniversary of LeanOnUs

1st Anniversary in 2012

'LOUKat' LeanOnUs Mascot

'LOUKat' joins us in January 2014

5th Anniversary of LeanOnUs

5th Anniversary in 2016!

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