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How ill do you have to be to have a successful

claim on Income Protection Insurance?


The Campaign

Angry Policyholders’ Campaign is to raise awareness of Activities of Daily Living (ADL), Activities of Daily Working (ADW) and Total Permanent Disability (TPD) definitions. Our mission is to stop insurers selling policies with these definitions as they are flawed. Friendly and mutuals already manage to sell Income Protection (IP) and Critical Illness Cover (CIC), without ADL and ADW, whilst keeping premiums cost effective and also pay out claims at a much higher rate.


We are campaigning to stop any other person or family having their lives ruined when they try to make a claim in their hour of need.


Our statement is you would need to be in a coma or dead for a simple straight forward claim and and to highlight why we feel this way we have put press articles covering our campaign and stories about these definitions. Please take part in the debate as we would be grateful for posting on our wall. (Please visit our Facebook page or Twitter for more details.)


We are NOT anti-insurance, we just want fair treatment for all policyholders and if you have stories about an insurance company we would love to hear them too.

Income Protection Insurance - Chris' Story

The story behind this campaign!

In May/June 2009 I was suffering from shortness of breath and spent up to 18 hours in bed. I had been to my GP and hospital but was always told there was nothing up with me so I went private. The private consultant took one look at me and ordered an emergency blood test which resulted in the hospital calling me and telling me I was critically ill and to get someone to bring me to hospital straight away. On arrival I was told… read more

Angry Policyholder Rip Off Britain


If you would like to get in touch with Chris, or need any advice, please feel free to contact us.

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