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Misuse of a BBQ grill, can kill!

This European carbon monoxide campaign is to raise awareness that portable, and disposable, barbecues can be very dangerous when not used under the correct conditions. Even when cooling, or smouldering, they emit large quantities of carbon monoxide (CO) - a lethal gas that can kill within a few minutes.


In partnership with ANEC - The European consumer voice in standardisation and Consumer Safety International (CSI).


Misuse of a BBQ grill, can kill!


  • Raise awareness of carbon monoxide poisoning due to barbecue misuse.

  • Highlight safe conditions when using a barbecue at home or when on holiday.

  • Educate children and young adults using Be Safe This Summer.

  • Reach out across Europe with various translations of Be Safe This Summer

  • Highlight Carbon Monoxide: The silent killer produced by ANEC and CSI.

  • Year-round awareness as BBQ usage doesn't end when the summer does.

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