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My Life by Jamie Cormier

Jamie Cormier, now 27 years old, first shared her story with us when she was 21. Her aim has been to help raise awareness and understanding about disabilities and various medical conditions, including living with Scoliosis. Jamie is a true inspiration as she combines a realistic attitude with her positive outlook on life. Now, several years later, we catch up with her story.


Here is more information that you might find of interest:

Dr Lenke – Dr Lawrence G Lenke, is an orthopaedic surgeon in St Louis Missouri. He handles mostly the really severe cases of spine deformities that no one else wants or can handle. Besides being an amazing doctor, he is also professor at Washington Medical University, training future doctors and nurses to do what he does, as well as having been president of the Scoliosis Society. He also sometimes dresses up in costumes to cheer up his patients that are in the hospital. He is also a very devout Christian (Catholic). He is an amazing person and is prime example of how doctors should be… (update) Dr Lenke is now located in New York at The Spine Hospital New York - The Allen Hospital and NYP Morgan Stanley Childrens Hospital of NY. Find out more about Dr Lenke, the Leading Expert in Complex Spinal Deformity Surgery.

Shriners Hospitals for Children – This is where I had halo traction.

St Louis Children’s Hospital – This is where I had my surgeries.


Since Jamie's surgery in 2012, it has come to light that the rods in her back have broken and she needs revision surgery. We will keep you posted and in the meantime, if you are able to help out you can visit her GoFundMe.

Also, if you'd like to connect with Jamie, you can find her on her blog, TwistedTales Living with Kyphoscoliosis and Ehlers Danlose Syndrome, YouTube, Instgram, Twitter, Facebook, Jamie_cormier on Snapchat, and her Facebook page


If you have any questions about Jamie's Life, or are wanting to seek further advice, please feel free to get in touch.

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