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This song was written for a special baby that was born to dear friends of ours in the Netherlands. The baby girl’s name is Moon and since they speak Dutch I called the song “Maandag” which is Dutch for “Monday.” It is a lullaby and sort of blessing for this baby.

The lyrics to this lullaby were written by myself and my good friend Barry Burford, a DJ in the UK, who did the lovely guitar work on it. We want this song to have a positive effect on humanity so we are sharing it with you as a free download and encourage you to donate to charity.



We would like to thank both Barry and Kevin for giving us the opportunity to share this song with you. We would love you to donate to either a charity of your choice or two that are close to Kevin and Barry’s hearts, respectively.


The first charity is Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity as Barry loves to work with children.


The second charity is Cancer Research UK in remembrance of Kevin’s father, Larry Lanier who lost his battle with cancer in 2007.

Thank you.

Maandag Lyrics

Goodnight Maandag, rest your head,

Threads of wonder paint your bed;

No more thunder, no more rain,

Feel the comfort of lovely things.

Goodnight Maandag, rest your eyes,

Daylight’s worries now subside;

No more shadows, no more fear,

All the questions disappear.

Goodnight Maandag, rest your heart,

Mom and Daddy are never far;

Feel the Heartshine, it’s always near,

Love surrounds you, holds you dear.


If you would like to speak to Kevin, or Barry, please get in touch.

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