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My Tribute to William (Bill) Wells


Known by some gaming league members as ‘silent Bill’

August 17th, 2019 was Bill's 11th birthday since he left us. It is so hard to believe how the time has passed… so much has happened, and so many changes, but one thing that never changes… is that William is missed so much!

Bill and I met August 4th, 2003. We had 5 wonderful years together. We enjoyed so many things; camping, outings, and our BIG Event every year was working at the Big Flea Market in Hastings, Minnesota. We spent most of the year making our craft items to display and sell at the flea market. We would camp on-site since it was about 60 miles from our home to the flea market, so this was our BIG ADVENTURE that we looked forward to every July. (Usually turned out to be the hottest week of the year too!). He took so much pride and invested so much time on his craft projects and he loved selling them; it gave him such a feeling of accomplishment.

Tribute to William (Bill) Wells

We also ran a store front in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin the rest of the year. (The only month we actually made money at it, was the month I had to clear out our inventory after he passed away.) It was “our place” and we could go there; at weekends we usually spent playing board games with other store owners, while waiting for more customers.

When Bill and I joined the gaming leagues, we had two computers. One of them had a broken keyboard and so he insisted on using that one, so I was like “whatever you want”. So, to talk, he had to access the “on screen keyboard” and use the mouse to type, which he wasn’t too fond of. He would usually say “good luck” and “good game” but other than that, he didn’t say much. This gave him the nickname “silent Bill”.

I remember Cat, Dar and Pauline (gaming league members) putting Bill up to some pranks to play on me. I am a night owl, so they would have him do things to me; from painting my toenails with acrylic paint, to banging pots and pans in my ears to wake me up (which usually only got me to glare at him before going back to sleep).

(by the way, Cat and Dar, I still remember! I am still plotting my revenge!)

Bill is truly missed!

William (Bill) Wells – ‘silent Bill’

Aug. 17th, 1967 – Feb. 15th, 2008

Holly and Caleb

Holly and Caleb

My and Bill’s two dogs: Holly, the salt and pepper, is my miniature schnauzer (Rest in Peace baby girl) and her bio son Caleb (he is half miniature schnauzer and half miniature dachshund). Holly is gone now (she passed away May of 2010). She is greatly missed.

My cat Tabitha

My cat Tabitha

One week after Bill passed away, I lit his candles and had everything laid out as a shrine – right at the estimated time of death came, she went and sat and just stared at the candles. It was such a touching moment, it was truly the night my emotions broke out. I am so grateful my sister was there to take this picture.

Holly snatched ice cream cone

Holly snatched ice cream cone

This was taken one night when I was staying at my parents house (between homes) and my nephew-in-law had dished up ice cream and dropped one on the floor. I am so glad he got a picture of it. She snatched that ice cream cone up and was hiding (doesn’t she just look guilty?). That was my baby girl! Miss you! Holly!


If you have any questions, or would like to share a tribute with us,  please feel free to get in touch.


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