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William Edward Day – June 19, 2009

William Edward Day – June 19, 2009


Bill is greatly missed by all his family. He was a husband to Saundra and left behind two grown sons, five grandchildren and one great grandchild.

His friends will always have fond memories of him. He will be remembered for his smile and the cheer that he brought to our lives.

To double the sadness of that day, almost 300 miles away, Bill’s brother Reg also died.

More about Bill

Matthew McMillen – August 9, 2003

Matthew was born September 16, 1985 and grew up in the city of Harrisburg, PA.

He was a talented young man who was great in school, loved hunting, and detailing his dad’s truck.

At the age of 17, Matthew was in a fatal vehicle accident.

The driver refuses to answer any questions about the events leading up to the accident, and an illegally parked construction vehicle had been removed within 5 hours of it happening.

Matthew will never be forgotten.

Matthew loved detailing his dad’s truck.
Matthew McMillen – August 9, 2003


If you would like to tell us about someone special that you have lost touch with, or a loved one that you have lost, we would love you to share it with us. Send your tribute or story of how they touched your life along with a photograph.

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