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Highlights from 2018

Firstly, a big thank you to all who have supported us throughout the year(s). We cannot mention everything that goes on with our members but it sure does not go unnoticed! Here are a few highlights which we will kick off with more of an observation.

Could it be CEN?

As you know we work closely with Bob Brotchie and this year we’ve really noticed an influx of CEN related enquiries as Bob is one of a small number of counsellors in the UK who provide a focused service for those affected. It’s an interesting area as many of us may have felt that we had decent parents and a good upbringing but as we’ve grown, and maybe started our own family, we started to realise that something wasn't quite right in our childhood. Could we be experiencing CEN related issues?

Misuse of a BBQ grill, can kill!

In partnership with ANEC and CSI, we launched a joint campaign using Be Safe This Summer! and Carbon Monoxide: The silent killer to continue our quest of highlighting the dangers of BBQ misuse. We also released a German translation of BSTS, reaching 8 languages in total.


We celebrated 7 years of LeanOnUs and we celebrated 2 years of Bob’s free mental health guidance service.


This year we finalised our list of patrons which include Lord Ian Broughall, Peggy Abner, Bob Brotchie and Stephen Hadley who provide us with invaluable support.

Bob Brotchie enjoying an Irish latte at LeanOnUs headquarters.

Training Programs

We continued working with Bob and the participants of his 8-week online mindfulness training program and went on to release an 8-day lite version for those unable to commit to the full 8 weeks but wanted to learn more about ‘being mindful’.

Personal Experiences

We shared Kelly’s story Thrown Away where she covers some of her childhood experiences and the search for her siblings as an adult. Peggy’s story of Living with Lupus was updated and expanded upon with what she is doing now with C-50 National Pain Advocacy Group. A real eye-opener especially for those in the UK who live with chronic pain conditions. We also published Living with the Effects of Childhood Trauma that adds to the previously shared tribute, Stolen.

Students on Bexley campus at London South East Colleges.

A New Campaign and a New Partner

We launched a carbon monoxide campaign for college and university students living in rental accommodation. Our previous partners joined us for Don’t let the next headline, be your deadline! and we received support from a new partner, London South East Colleges.

Ongoing Support

We continued to provide support after the launch of Narcissist Avoidance Action Week #NAAW which proved to be a great success. Swan Waters Facebook group is thriving and continually welcomes new members and is our ‘go to’ for advice and support for toxic relationships. We also joined Bob for #JustTalk that carried the theme Suicide: A Permanent Fix to a Temporary Problem.

MAAPP QR Code Resource with lanyard.

A New Resource

We received this little gem in the mail the other week. The MAAPP QR Code Resource comes as a keyring attachment so you can zap whatever you need with your phone for your own use or share information with those you are providing support to. It's ideal for anyone providing care and safeguarding as well as professional support workers and social workers to use with their clients. It costs £11 with £1 going to DrugFAM and you can place your order by calling 0800 246 5456.

And a Message


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