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Writers for Peace, Freedom and Justice

Timothy Pina is an American Author, Poet and Screenplay Writer who has overcome various life obstacles, including bouts with bipolar disorder, to go on and create an inspiring life. As a successful author and humanitarian, he attributes much of his success to a deep spiritual awakening he had in 2003 after a near-death experience. This experience has led Timothy down the road of self-discovery and conscious living. He states that after all of the conflict and suffering he has endured, he now realizes that the most prevalent lesson learned was – if God brings you to it, he will see you through it. Today, Timothy strives to help others to rise above life’s challenges and create a life that will add value to others and to the world.

Timothy’s love for children’s fiction has inspired him through the years to proudly create ennobling children fictional characters such as the patriotic animals that help General Washington to win the revolution and Kipu the Tibetan Peace Panda among many others. His firm belief is… the way to brighten humanity is to always inspire it’s children! Timothy Pina is also a co-founder of Walk-It-Out Fundraisers, Inc., a non-profit organization created to bring aid and awareness to domestic violence prevention and other causes. He also runs several support pages and has written a book for children about bullying. You can make contact with Timothy at I Am Tibetan Kindness Is My Religion, Writers For Peace, Freedom And Justice, Real Men Don’t Abuse Anyone! (R.M.D.A.A.) and Bullying Ben: How Benjamin Franklin Overcame Bullying.

Real Men Don’t Abuse Anyone

They don’t abuse women, children, other men; not even animals! On my page I try to put out inspiring hope quotes to help all in despair. A quaint little spot on the Internet that you can sit, sip your coffee, kick back and feel good about yourself. Reading stories about others and realizing that maybe your despair isn’t as bad as others. That there is something you can do to contribute to help others whilst going through your own despair.

My hope is that my work will open the 3rd eye of all who visit my page and will start stepping in the right direction to help brighten humanity. We can all contribute to help. Instead of keep taking from the trees of humanity let’s keep planting more trees… one’s that will nurture and empower our children, the future of humanity.

In all my writings and work, my main goal is to focus on the children. Words can either make them or break them. It’s time to start empowering them with wisdom and ideas that will keep them thinking of better ways to help humanity. If we keep doing that, then a greater part of humanity tomorrow, will have their 3rd eye open (which is nothing but awakening their spirit of humanity). When that happens, humanity will have to be a better and brighter place.

It takes time and patience but if you are inspired to make changes it will work. I see it in my own daughter!

‘Bullying Ben’ – How Benjamin Franklin Overcame Bullying

We all go through despair but the ability to rise above it to help others that are going through it too will always lead to empowerment in our lives! But one other thing on the ‘Bullying Ben’ story… As a parent my heart breaks every time a child takes their life especially over bullying. ‘Bullying Ben’ was my labor of love to children everywhere that are going through some sort of despair. Sending them a message of hope to saying bullying and despair has been around since the beginning of time… but you can rise above it like other children. If Ben Franklin rose to greatness once he overcame his despair… any child can overcome despair too if they believe in themselves.

My message is to tell others, that love and care about children, that we may never solve the issue of bullying but… we can overcome it!

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