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Welcome Home, Jenson!

We are pleased to announce that Jenson and his family are safely back in the UK!

Since October last year we have been following Jenson’s Journey and must say that his mum, Katie has done a fantastic job of keeping us all informed with their progress. Katie has documented almost every move from Jenson’s initial pre-op evaluation, through all the fundraising events up until arriving home and recording Jenson on his scooter. There is still a lot more to come and we look forward to seeing the progress that he makes over the coming year.

In case you missed all my other posts, the Ford family flew out to St Louis Children’s Hospital mid-March and Jenson had surgery on his spine a week later. A few days after that he then underwent more surgery on his heelcords and hamstrings.

For the 5 weeks after surgery, Jenson underwent daily physiotherapy while they were still in St Louis and this will now continue in the UK. He has done amazing and the staff were amazing. In some ways you would think this may be fairly easy for Jenson but when you see his pre-op evaluation video below you will see the major difference in his walking. It will take a lot of physio to ‘retrain’ himself from walking on tiptoe to walking with his foot flat to the floor. This will make a huge difference to his life and he won’t have to face any more surgery. What the surgeons and other staff do at St Louis Children’s Hospital is very moving, transforming the quality of life for so many children.

Jenson on the Treadmill

22nd of April

Jenson on his Scooter

26th of April

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