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Carbon Monoxide Detectors Named and Shamed

In 2014, we shared a letter written by Harry Rogers (see: Carbon Monoxide Detectors – The Unreported Facts) highlighting the need for us all to be aware that we cannot rely upon a carbon monoxide detector or alarm alone to keep us safe. Obviously, CO detectors have their place but the really safe thing to do is have our gas appliances fully serviced each year. In his letter, Harry stated:

"I am informed that in 2011, the Gas Safety Trust, chaired at the time by Mr Chris Bielby, published its annual report. In this document, it stated that out of 11 CO incidents that had occurred, whereby CO alarms were installed, 5 (45%) failed to activate."

In Molly's 'July 2013 Update' to her story UNAWARENESS: Families Can Suffer a Lifetime of Misery she shared that:

"A 2013 Hackney Council Report indicated over 25% of alarms were found to be flawed."

Now in October 2016, Which? reports '10 alarms removed from sale as a result of Which? pressure'.

We understand that it's easy to overlook having our appliances serviced; it's a cost a lot of us don't want to face or need! We also understand that there can be an obstacle, if you are a tenant, as the majority of landlords only arrange the required annual gas safety check as opposed to arranging a full service of appliances. (Note: Some newer appliances do state that they only require a service every 3 years but I recommend that you check this to make sure.)

So, if you rely on having a carbon monoxide detector, or alarm, please go check it now and read...

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