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The #DadChat Gender War!

This week #DadChat was, in my opinion, the busiest ever. According to the stats there were 114 contributors and well over 1,000 Tweets. No wonder I couldn’t keep up! It’s hard at the best of times but was it busy this week or what?!

It was hilarious and very close to the bone. Bruce REALLY stirred things up this week. I even had a comment from someone about what was being said and when it popped up I was like ‘Uh oh!’. I had to explain that it was a ‘tongue in cheek’ dad vs mom thing to which they gasped a sigh of relief.

Bruce Sallan’s ‘Dads vs. Moms aka Gender War’ was co-hosted by Mimi Barker (@MimiBakerMN). Bruce and Mimi were fantastic along with a few of my favourite Tweeps who came out with some real good ones! It was a fun night and everyone enjoyed it. At the same time there was a giveaway of FIVE copies of Outwitting the Devil, by Napoleon Hill which Bruce asked 5 questions and the first to get the right answer won a copy.

Anyway, the Gender War covered just about everything; sports, handbags, shoes, fixing things, clothes (especially lingerie!), cooking, multi-tasking, parenting… With the constant running theme of who was on top and winning – then started the ‘who is in control’ debate. You can just imagine the comments that were coming out.

I wish that I could mention all the great Tweeps and comments but there were so many. Instead I have just listed a few of questions posed by Bruce to get the party started and you can either use your imagination for the rest! You will have to fill in some of the gaps as this has been cut right down but hope it gives you a taste of what goes on.

Bruce Stirring Things Up!

Bruce – Mimi Barker takes me on at the FIRST #DadChat Gender WAR!

Mimi – Who’s going to join me and #BruceSallan for our #moms vs #dads chat in a few minutes! Come give your 2 cents!

Bruce – Why do women tennis pros get the same prize money as the men, but play JUST 2 outta 3 when the men play 3 outta 5!?

Bruce – Why are moms always late?

Bruce – We will be giving away FIVE copies of Outwitting the Devil, the resurrected book by Napoleon Hill, annotated by @SharonLechter

Bruce – I still want an answer to why women tennis pros get the same prize money as the men but play FAR LESS!

Bruce – As always, you will have to earn the giveaway by the first correct answer to the forthcoming questions.

Bruce – Why are dads so much better at parenting than moms?

Mimi – Are you kidding me? You’re just along for the ride!

Bruce – Please welcome @MimiBakerMN as tonight’s co-host. Please follow her or you’ll hurt her feelings!

Mimi – Thanks for having me play along tonight Bruce. You do realize you’re going down, don’t you? You and the boys!

Mimi – Bite your tongue! re: @DaddysinCharge: Is this tonight’s topic? An hour won’t be long enough!

Mimi – In women’s tennis, we can get it DONE in 3 matches. Guys don’t catch on so fast, hence trying 5 times!

Bruce – Why do moms worry so much over silly things?

Bruce – One for the gals! re: Come on guys you know you give your stuff to us girls to carry in our purses!

Bruce – Can moms fix anything without the help of DAD?

Bruce – Truth is…YOU are all winners for making #DadChat so much fun! LOVE the moms/women that come each week!

The Giveaway!

Bruce – Giveaway Q#1: What is the name of the teen board game that Sharon’s company, Pay Your Family First, created?

Bruce – Giveaway Q#2: In Sharon’s biography video, what is the color of her jacket?

Bruce – Giveaway Q#3 – What is the name of the current Because I Said So comic strip (on my website)?

Bruce – Giveaway Q#4: Who is @SharonLechter a national spokesperson for?

Bruce – Giveaway Q#5: What is the title of Napoleon Hill’s famous best-seller?

sharonlechter – Congrats to those who won Outwitting the Devil at #DadChat I do hope you enjoy reading it.

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