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Heavy but Good – WOW #DadChat

Well, I’m not sure where to start on last night’s #DadChat. Yay to Bruce Sallan for hosting this difficult subject.


Before I start on what went on last night… It made me think of what we are trying to do on LeanOnUs (show some understanding and trying to support) and the thing that I have noticed most since starting the site is that these ‘difficult’ subjects covered do help people. Most families have some deep dark secret stashed away somewhere. Some are terrible secrets and some aren’t as serious but still go unspoken. Our site covers everything from fun and general health to the dark areas of life as you well know.

From the feedback that we have received, I know that there are a lot out there that need some understanding but still don’t want to discuss issues or leave comments. AND this is totally understandable. It’s hard to put our personal lives out to the public for fear of either embarrassment or being judged/hurt by others. OR maybe some of us just like our privacy and would rather not talk about things. Whatever the reason/s, we can all find ourselves in that boat from time to time or surely must know someone who is.

So anyway, onto #DadChat!

It was HEAVY! BUT GOOD! Last night Bruce hosted ‘Sex, Our Kids, and Us’ (“brucequote” – “No one will accuse #DadChat of shying away from the serious, though we are often silly.”) which was co-hosted Lauri Burns who shared some harsh reality with us and I think some of us were speechless as we were too busy watching the conversation. It was very interesting, even if we are aware of a lot of what can go on with children who end up in foster care or end up on the streets. It was definitely a subject to ponder and an hour wasn’t long enough.

I’m sure she would also appreciate your support on Twitter and you follow both her profiles:

@LauriBurns13 – ‘I am an IT Project Manager for Fortune 100 Defense Company, a Foster Mom, Founder of The Teen Project, Author of Punished for Purpose, on AMAZON.’


Fun Twitter Stats to make us feel good!

‘The Top 20 Impressions’ as follows: @brucesallan (1.4 mil), @jefffowle (587k), @lovelylu (481k), @mimibakermn (247k), @sonya_leanonus (242k), @jeryljagoda (133k), @twylah (73.7k), @meghanmbiro (67.8k), @mqtodd (65.3k), @stevecassady (49.5k), @adadspov (47.6k), @lorimcneeartist (39.4k), @cupcakecutiekit (38.3k), @angelamaiers (27.5k), @margieclayman (27.3k), @drmelanieg (27.3k), @dadarocks (24.3k), @brandonpduncan (23.6k), @eavchat (20.7k) and @1ad_dad (18.4k).

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