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#YouMatter Rocked #DadChat

Now, that was fun. AND if you missed #DadChat last Thursday you missed a good one!

This week the topic was ‘#YouMatter at #DadChat and Open Mic to ask questions of Angela‘ hosted by Bruce Sallan. His co-host was Angela Maiers aka @AngelaMaiers who’s message is ‘literacy changes lives’. Read about Angela in her short or long biography, which you will find very interesting.

You can imagine with 142 contributors and around 1300 tweets that it was non-stop fun but extremely interesting. To quote @TwtrChat411 “For anyone who is a parent or was a child, participate today on #DadChat”! It really was for everyone, with participants from several countries around the world.

The discussion was led by Bruce who put questions to Angela but obviously everyone who attended got involved. There were some very good points made about self-esteem and mattering and to encourage confidence in our children and help them learn and grow. Below I have just highlighted how Bruce led #DadChat and some of Angela’s answers and further comments.

How the discussion was led…

Bruce Sallan: Please welcome and follow my Teach @AngelaMaiers, our very special #DadChat co-host!

Bruce Sallan: Okay, @AngelaMaiers, let’s talk about #YouMatter and whatever else is on everyone’s mind!

Bruce Sallan: I’m actually going to ask @AngelaMaiers questions tonight… though feel free to just JUMP IN…

Question 1

Bruce Sallan: Q1 – @AngelaMaiers – What is the difference between #YouMatter and Self-Esteem?

Angela Maiers: A1: Self Esteem is about feeling important; Mattering is about feeling, being, knowing you’re essential.

Question 2

Bruce Sallan: Q2 – @AngelaMaiers – Where do you stand on the so-called self-esteem movement?

Angela Maiers: Fear of insignificance robs us of energy, enthusiasm, optimism, confidence and hope.

Angela Maiers: Not believing we matter manifests itself in everything from apathy, anxiety, unrest, disenchantment, at its very worst hopelessness.

Bruce Sallan: @AngelaMaiers – Having a Life Purpose gives life meaning! I was lost for quite a few years so I speak from experience!

Angela Maiers: Fear of insignificance does not discriminate; it does not retreat, it is relentless – takes potential away from anyone in its path.

Angela Maiers: @BruceSallan this is why mattering is different than self-esteem – I am not simply trying to make someone feel special or important.

Angela Maiers: Recognize that knowing we matter is an essential human need – like water, food, sleep; it MUST be met to function optimally.

Question 3

Bruce Sallan: Q3 – @AngelaMaiers – Do you believe youth sports have lost their way since they often don’t even keep score?

Angela Maiers: A3- I think that youth sports – or at least youth sports parents keep score!

Angela Maiers: We underestimate kids – they really do want to be challenged. They want to be a part of something that matters/know we honor their part.

Bruce Sallan: We CAN’T protect our kids from life (and failure) NOR should we!

Angela Maiers: Kids have genius – but genius needs a reason to show up! If we never give kids hard ,challenging things that matter – no chance to see it.

Angela Maiers: Huge part of Mattering – is Honoring Genius Now!

Angela Maiers: When we say to someone – I believe in you, I trust you, I need you in this – you are essential to my work/mission – We let them know they matter!

Question 4

Bruce Sallan: Q4 – @AngelaMaiers – What is the best advice for parents to help their kids know #YouMatter?

Angela Maiers: A4: Honoring Genius Now! We so underestimate what kids can do, they are capable of significant things!

Angela Maiers: Getting ready to launch Project YOUMATTER – collected 200+ videos 7-15 year olds changing world! Kids like Nathan.

Question 5

Bruce Sallan: Q5 – @AngelaMaiers – When are you coming to LA so we can finally meet?

Bruce Sallan: @AngelaMaiers – you’ve got a room in our house… ANY TIME!

Angela Maiers: @BruceSallan I am so gonna take you up on that!

Angela Maiers: The 12 Simple Ways to Let People Know They Matter

Angela Maiers: WOW – this has gone so fast! Only 10 minutes left! Any burning questions?

Then, I had to include this one!

BrandFlair: Q6: When is @BruceSallan finally going to serve cocktails for #dadchat?


I hope this gives you the gist of how the night went. I’m disappointed that I didn’t have the time this week to include more comments as there were some fantastic contributions. Tons of good ones.

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