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"Offer support, not direction!"

There are many of us who live with depression on a daily basis. I'm not referring to 'our own' depression but rather that of a partner. If this is something that you have lived with, either for a short period of time or for many years, you will agree that it can be very frustrating at times as we want to help 'fix' it.

In his latest article entitled 'How to Survive When Your Partner is Depressed', our community counsellor, Bob Brotchie advises that "Trying to help ‘fix’ their depression can make them feel worse, no matter how well intentioned." If you have experienced this, or are in this situation now, you will likely have found this to be true and will appreciate Bob's guidance with coping strategies and tips on how you can inform yourself and work with along your partner to the benefit of you both.

How to Survive When Your Partner is Depressed

Current statistics claim that 4 to 10% of people in England will experience depression in their lifetime. On almost a weekly basis high-profile sufferers ‘come out’ and share their stories. Alistair Campbell, Ashley Judd, Lady Gaga – to name just a few. Sharing experiences of depression has become much less taboo.

But what if you live with a depression that isn’t your own?

Somebody else’s depression can be just as destructive as suffering from the illness yourself. It can be incredibly frustrating to care for the person you love while feeling as though you’re powerless to do anything to help... read more

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