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Join in with others to make an IMPACT!

In 2012, we asked ourselves a set of questions. What if we were able to get a bunch of talented people to write a book together? What if the stories in that book spurred people to take action in some way? What if the authors all worked together to make the book an instant Amazon best-seller? AND… What if the profits from the book directly impacted a specific cause?

On April 1, 2013 we stopped asking “What if…?” and started asking, “What’s your story?”

Our first book project is called “Couch Rebels: Because Stories Like These Aren’t Told by Potatoes.” We want to fill this book with stories that have to do with times you are outside your comfort zone and how that experience changed your life. Maybe it was a mission trip you went on, a difficult circumstance you pulled through, or even a time you simply gave a homeless person a sandwich. Stories that inspire others to take positive action.

It’s a great opportunity for writers, authors, and bloggers to join a community of like-minded individuals and make a difference with their talent. Not to mention, if your story is published in the book, you will get paid a portion of the book sales as well as promote your own material.

Share a story soon before we close the door on submissions!

I look forward to making an impact with you!

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