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Coping With Your Parent’s Divorce

During one of our workshops at akidspace we asked the children to come up with tips for parents going through family breakdown. This is the top 10 that they compiled.

Top 10 Tips by children from akidspace

1. Remember your mum and dad still love you.

2. Mum and dad please don’t talk badly about each other behind the other ones back.

3. Stand up for yourself if people tease you about the divorce.

4. Ask your mum and dad to try and be nice to each other.

5. If you feel sad or angry do something that you enjoy that takes your mind off the divorce.

6. If you talk to your mum and dad about your feelings, ask them to listen!

7. Speak to someone or join an akidspace group.

8. Talk to people who are going through the same thing as you.

9. Don’t think it’s your fault, it’s an adult problem.

10. Smile and be positive.

‘Feelings’ by children at akidspace

This is an example from one of our workshops of a picture created by a few children in the workshop. The children drew around one child and thought about where they feel their feelings in their bodies. This exercise helped the kids link their physical feelings to emotional feelings when asked how they felt with separated parents. Kids often can’t find the words to express themselves and come up with ‘tummy aches’ etc even what they are really feeling is emotional.

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