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Three Unwise Monkeys – Join the conversation #SeeHearSpeakNo

According to a 2012 report, approximately 216,ooo are chronically infected with Hepatitis C within the UK alone. Hepatitis B is uncommon within the UK but according to The World Health Organisation, figures indicate there to be an estimated 600,000 deaths worldwide due to Hepatitis B.

Please help us to raise awareness of this ‘silent’ virus by checking out the campaign below and sharing it with your friends.

World Hepatitis Alliance calls for urgent action to address disease killing as many as HIV/AIDS – NOT a donation, just a polite request that you share an important video to help raise awareness of the disease.

The Global Burden of Disease study showed that viral hepatitis was responsible for almost 1.45 million deaths in 2010, the same as HIV/AIDS and significantly more than TB or Malaria.

500 million people are living with chronic viral hepatitis. Hepatitis B and C are ‘silent’ viruses, because people may experience no symptoms.

In 2010, the World Health Organisation openly recognised that viral hepatitis is a major cause for concern by making World Hepatitis Day one of only 7 world health days officially recognised by WHO and all Member States.

Having already amassed over 1,000,000+ views, 15,000+ shares and 800 likes in just 1 week, it's an great start, but you can help us raise further awareness by simply watching and sharing this video:

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