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Not so Angry Now!

We think a “Congratulations!!!” is in order for Chris Hargreaves on the success of his AngryPolicyholders campaign!

The campaigning hasn’t actually stopped; far from it… but Chris recently reached an important milestone in making a difference within the insurance industry and to policyholder’s lives. I won’t go into the details here as you can read the full story but, in short, I will quote from ‘Scottish Provident to scrap Activities of Daily Living definitions’ …

“On the 5th September Bright Grey and Scottish Provident part of The Royal London Group announced they are set to launch a range of improved income protection products by the end of October 2013…”

WOW… we can only imagine how Chris and his wife, Nicola feel; this is HUGE. After all their hard work, the impact that it has had upon them personally (due to fighting their own claim) and then launching a campaign that will help others AND contribute to implementing change… HUGE!… Did I say HUGE?!

Obviously, we are excited for them and very encouraged by this good news. So, another ‘congratulations’ to these wonderful people. We hope to hear from Chris soon as, apart from running the AngryPolicyholders campaign, they have also been supporting others – helping those who have needed guidance with their own insurance policy disputes and we hope to hear of their successful outcomes.

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