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20,000 Hits! #CheckYourBalls

The other week we were very excited to hear that Ian Broughall’s ‘Check Your Balls’ video had reached 20,000 hits and as at writing this post it has now reached over 20,400!

You may have read Ian’s story of surviving testicular cancer which he shared with our community yonks back. Ian, was fortunate enough to survive testicular cancer and has since been raising awareness of the importance for men aged 18+ to regularly check themselves for lumps. Early detection contributes to a high success rate of eradicating the cancer and emphasises the importance of regular checks.

As well as creating the ‘Check Your Balls’ video, Ian also arranges various events throughout the year; at venues such as CUFC and the Grafton Centre. In addition to this, Ian and his team also does fundraising for cancer research and other related causes. At one of their events last year, held at Cambridge United Football Club, they were able to raise £300 for Cancer Research UK and £200 for Help Harry Help Others.

So, “Congratulations” to Ian and his team and to everyone who helped support his video and raise awareness. I have also been told that they will be releasing a new video this year and we look forward to sharing it with you!

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