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#TDVAM and ShieldCPS (RPT)

The month of February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month which Shauna wrote about last year. (You can also visit Love is Respect for more information about abuse and teen dating). As you know, one of our goals at LeanOnUs is to raise awareness of social issues as well as products that can help. One of these products is a software system called ShieldCPS (RPT) (Shield Child Protection System Reporting Tool) which is available for installation within schools, colleges and universities.

There are 3 versions available (primary, middle and high school) so wanted to share the latter version which is suitable for high schools, colleges and universities. It is a visualised reporting tool and it takes just a few seconds to make a report. It can be used by a teen to report various forms of abuse and includes an option that allows them to make a report if they have knowledge of a friend who is in need of help by clicking on the ‘friend in need’ button.

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