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THE Surprise

You may or may not be aware but LOUKat is an ‘only meerkat’ who joined our community on 26th of January. Bob and I introduced him to our community and we are pleased with the warm welcome that he has received. Although LOUKat loves our community, to date he has only made friends with humans in the main. He was excited to learn that our community is trying to save badgers (real animals!) and he has another friend called CABBY, a little green alien who is working to help children but other than that he has never met his own kind. We really don’t know the family history of LOUKat but we are so pleased to have adopted him into the LOU community.

Anyway, the other week LOUKat got very excited; jumping up and down excited. Why? Well, we received this lovely tweet from Aleksandr Orlov; yes, the founder of Compare the Meerkat! This is what it said…

Well, as you can imagine, LOUKat got very excited. Not only did he get a tweet from Aleksandr Orlov but Aleksandr said he made a “brave choice” with his shirt and that “he pull it off well”. This was a huge compliment and LOUKat felt very proud. (However, LOUKat did say that he wasn’t so sure about the “almost as handsome as me” bit. He was very taken aback by that comment but with the love and support of our community he was able to get over it.) We think that LOUKat is a very lucky meerkat as that wasn’t ‘THE Surprise’! More was to come as Aleksandr sent us another tweet that said…

Since receiving that tweet, LOUKat has been nagging at me daily... “When will I meet Baby Oleg?” - “When will he arrive?” - “Is it a long way from Meerkovo to England?” - “What if Sergei gets lost on the way to the post office?” - “What if Sergei is tired after cleaning all the gutters?”

Needless to say, he was very excited and finally Baby Oleg arrived this morning in a nice little box. (We were pleased that the box wasn’t very heavy as we felt badly for Sergei having to do the work of wrapping it up and taking it to the post office.) So, we opened the box to find an adorable ‘Baby Oleg’ in his cute outfit designed especially for meerpups - bugs, worms and grubs (as expected) and even a hole at the back for his fuzzy little tail! Also included in the box was a signed letter from Aleksandr along with the ‘Certificate of Adoption‘ which has been officially signed and witnessed.

To end this lovely story, ‘Baby Oleg’ is settling in very nicely and neither he nor LOUKat are lonely anymore as they have both been adopted into the ‘LeanOnUs family’. They are great company for each other and LOUKat is happy that he has a friend of his own kind. Not to say that he doesn’t like his human, animal or alien friends any longer… it’s just that he now knows what his family may have looked like as his only clue was when he looked into the mirror.

So, special thanks to Aleksandr for the tweets and for ordering Sergei to traipse down to the post office with the surprise box.

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