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Jenson’s Journey Continues

It doesn’t seem all that long ago that we started following Jenson’s Journey but it was actually back in 2012 when his mum Katie shared their fundraising campaign so Jenson could receive surgery at St Louis Children’s Hospital. Jenson was born with Cerebral Palsy (Spastic Hemiplegia) which meant that the right side of his body is partially paralysed and that he couldn’t walk properly due to having to walk on tip-toe. You can read their original story at Jenson’s Journey where we also shared his pre-op video.

After learning about Jenson’s story, and being entranced by Katie’s enthusiasm in working hard to make the best of Jenson’s condition, we have continued following his progress. Katie did an amazing job of coordinating events and had a ton of support from friends and family. She ran their Facebook group like a pro and continues to do so by keeping everyone up to date on his progress. Their story has touched so many and I wanted to share how he is doing now.

After gaining the much-needed funding for their trip out to the US, the Ford family set out to St Louis in the spring of 2013. They then returned in April and we were so pleased to see how he progressed, which was very quick by the way. By the end of April Jenson was on his scooter and it was amazing to see. So how is he doing now?

In March this year, it will be 2 years since his surgery. Jenson has worked very hard and continued with his physio since being back home. A little boy well-deserving of his surgery, I would say. I had a quick chat with Katie who said, “We sent a video to Dr Park a year after surgery and he is happy with his progress so no immediate plans to return. We continue alongside physios and a strength and conditioning coach plus many other activities to push Jenson to achieve his full potential.”

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