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“Your son just arrived at school.” Did he really? Are you really, really sure?

SaferChild - Checking it at school locker.

There are different solutions for smartphones on the market that claim to provide reliable information on a child’s whereabouts.

It turns out such information is not necessarily correct and can be even misleading.

With existing smartphone solutions the following drawbacks are present:

  • Parents can define places to monitor and can receive automatic notification when their child arrives at that place. The problem is that this information is based on location information provided by the child’s smartphone, so you cannot be exactly certain that your child is at the defined location. It is only your child’s smartphone that is there.

  • Notification received has only as little as 150-meter radius accuracy. Although it says: “Your son just arrived at school”, in most cases this means “Your child is two blocks away from school and we’re not sure if he’ll get there, to be honest”.

SaferChild is a new solution that addresses those drawbacks and provides parents with reliable information on their child’s whereabouts.

SaferChild Smart Locator for Improved Accuracy

If you have ever tried to find an exact location such as a letterbox or a parked car you know that, depending on the surroundings, an area with a 150-meter radius can be a lot.

When it comes to your child’s safety, such low accuracy is just not acceptable.

Once parents receive such a trusty notification they need to be absolutely sure about the location of their child. It is important to know if your child is two blocks away from your ten-story building, or actually inside your apartment!

It is now with great pleasure that SaferChild is introducing small and durable battery-powered Smart Locators that improve the accuracy of a location down to centimetres.

Smart Locators are set at frequently used places or places of high interest such as the front door of a home, a child’s school locker, grandma’s door, a locker at a sports club etc.

As soon as the Smart Locator is initiated, it is clear that your child has arrived safely at exactly the right point, not only somewhere in the vicinity.

SaferChild tries to identify your child, not just his smartphone.

Your child’s smartphone can be misused to fake your child’s position or can even be deposited near their school so that you, as parents, think your child is in a secure place.

SaferChild uses a 4-step identification process for positive check-in at location:

  1. SaferChild Smart Locator is mounted on the inner side of a door and is initiated by specific movement – a quarter turn of a door will trigger the safety signal. Knocking, even banging on the door will have no impact.

  2. The door is either inside a safe environment (school locker) or represents an access to a safe environment (home door). The best results are achieved when a door is locked and your child has a key (or number code) to open it. This ensures that the child has safely arrived in person.

  3. Smart Locator cannot be moved. Its GPS location is now checked if matches the one registered at SaferChild.

  4. Finally, a check-in notification is sent to parents solely through your child’s smartphone, which was previously registered with the Smart Locator in question.

Only when all 4­­ steps are aligned, will the system turn the safety signal to green and raise an automatic check-in notification for parents. If only one step fails, the parent alert is automatically raised and all registered contacts are notified!

Parents can choose if they want to be notified every time their child arrives or only when he does not. Events can be scheduled too – now you can also be notified if your child arrives on time!

Whenever you would like to meet your child at his current location, you can open the app and start a step-by-step navigation to your child with a single click.

No notification – no worries.

SaferChild helps you raise independent children and brings you valuable peace of mind.

When you want to be really, really sure!

The concept of SaferChild is still in the pre-launch but their team plans to launch on Indiegogo within the next few months. If you would like to be notified about discounts and incentives sign up on SaferChild.

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