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Successful Trials of Colourful Carbon Monoxide Sensor Could Save Lives

“Consumer Safety International welcomes this new research for detecting Carbon Monoxide by the Imperial College London. It is an interesting new approach to monitoring low levels of Carbon Monoxide and if trials prove to be successful by incorporating Ultra-Violet technology into hardwired or portable CO Alarms, appears to be accurate and cost-effective for consumers on their safety.”

Colourful carbon monoxide sensor could help save lives

"Scientists have designed a new carbon monoxide sensor that uses a strip which changes from orange to white when it senses the poisonous gas.

The sensor is very sensitive and can detect even low levels of carbon monoxide (CO). Under an ultraviolet lamp, the strip also fluoresces allowing even lower levels of CO to be detected.

The new design is unaffected by steam, smoke or common solvents found in domestic cleaning products, which can, over time, lead to false and inaccurate readings in some existing detectors…" read more


Molly Maher, President of Consumer Safety International (CSI) – A charity committed to reducing accidents in domestic commercial and holiday accommodation, including their facilities, worldwide and provides advice and assistance to accident victims and their families. See: UNAWARENESS

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