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A poem about carpet!

New paint on the walls, the decorating’s done, It’s time to pick a floor now, this will be fun! At least that’s what the wife said but I found it boring, Standing in a shop to argue about flooring!

What better choice could there be than a carpet? Think about the kids, though, what if they mark it? Then how do you feel about choosing real wood? With 3 cats and a dog, I don’t know if we should!

What about laminate then, it’s easy to lay? But will it be comfy to lie down and play? I like the feel of this one, it’s got a nice pile, I said no to carpet, but look at this tile!

What colour to choose then to make it look great? There’s loads on the market from beiges to slate. I want a bright colour to look modern and bold, And I prefer neutrals; but maybe I’m old!

What about patterns, like this black and white? What like a chessboard – it’ll look a right sight! This is quite nice, it looks geometric, But the look on her face said that she was quite sceptic!

We went on like this for almost an hour, One hour later and she’d started to glower, What about this then, I suggest feeling brave, Oh darling be serious, why can’t you behave!

For every suggestion my wife disagreed, Until finally in the end I had to concede, To remain in her good books and in her good favour, I let her make the choices and I did the labour!


This poem was written by Matt Wilson on behalf of Walton Flooring Centre, a family run carpet and laminate floor company in Liverpool and Burscough, delivering exceptional service throughout Merseyside and the North West regions.


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