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Sonia Bublaitis Art

Mixed media on perspex – ‘A Little Hope’

Mixed media on perspex – ‘A Little Hope’ - I believe that Art is the concept of emotional expression.

Sonia lives with her family in Warwickshire, UK. She studied Fine Art at Warwickshire College and has been greatly inspired by the works of Jackson Pollock. Her abstract art has a contemplative quality which has been created to engage the viewer spiritually, emotionally and intellectually. Her use of modern materials such as glass and Perspex gives her works a truly futurist look.

Sharing her family’s love of music, many of her pieces reflect her emotional responses to the music she composes. She says “When I hear music, I SEE colour”. Sonia enjoys creating garden paintings of all sizes and also loves to work with the energy from nature, and breathe life back into off-cuts of wood and other unusual materials. “I have recently helped create a school prayer garden for a local primary school and helped provide Spiritual wall art. I find art a wonderful way to express what I sense and feel.”

Her love of photography ranges from flowers and views to spiritual photography. Through the interplay of different media, her aim is to express the spirituality of the world around her and to challenge the observer with each piece using somewhat unorthodox techniques. “I feel that I have begun a new journey of enlightenment and experimentation. Where it will eventually lead is anyone’s guess, but along the way I hope to create expressive new art from my own perspective!”

“Colour provokes a psychic vibration. Colour hides a power still unknown but real, which acts upon every part of the human body.” (Wassily Kandinsky)

‘My Mum – My Inspiration’

“This is a photo of Mum and I at the Contemporary Arts Fair. My dear Mum is 87 years old, and comes from Turin, Italy. She has painted since she was a little girl and recently finished a lovely painting of Land’s End, Cornwall. She is my inspiration!” – Sonia Bublaitis


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