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Anglia Counselling comes to LeanOnUs!

In June we celebrated our ‘first milestone’ – the 1st Anniversary of LeanOnUs which was the BIG ONE! Now here we are offering you the opportunity of counselling! You may have already seen us talking about offering counselling services on our website but wanted to fill you in a little more.

As you know, LeanOnUs aims to provide a ‘safe haven’ in which our community can share and help one another through personal experiences. We have stated that we are not ‘experts’, just a caring community that tries to convey understanding in a non-judgemental way.

Then Bob Brotchie, counsellor at Anglia Counselling, presented the idea of being able to provide extra support to our members. I was very excited and after a little thought I jumped on it. We had previously worked on his feature ‘Nirvana and Me‘ where he shared his personal experience with us. Then when he mentioned his idea to me I realised that this would be a big step for LeanOnUs and we hope that you all find this service beneficial.

We have been working on the set-up for a couple of weeks now and will tailor and review the offers dependant upon member needs. If you have a suggestion or would like us to provide certain information in a particular area please let us know and we will try to accommodate.

As of 2016, Bob has also made available a free guide entitled 10 Steps to Conquering Your Anxiety for those who subscribe to his blog. We have also worked together on other various resources which are ideal for children, young adults and parents.

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