Community #Safety Event

We are pleased to announce that ‘Safety for Children and Families‘ has commenced and will be running up until the 14th of September.

We are raising awareness of unique and innovative resources/products available to help children and adults; the majority of which are suitable for use worldwide. We have over 10 hosts involved in this event and are covering many areas including:

  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) Awareness

  • Emergency Preparedness Resources

  • ICE – In Case of Emergency

  • ICE4Autism

  • ICEbelt

  • SaferChild Smart Locator

  • Challenge 4 Children

  • Martha Care

  • CAABS Report

  • ShieldCPS CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation) Management Tool

  • Resources for Public Educators

Our team of professionals are on hand to answer your questions, and to offer advice, so please join us on Facebook. Alternatively, if you are involved with any aspect of safety (including child safeguarding) and would like to get involved, please send an email or use our Contact Us form for more details.

Our hosts include:

  • Stephen Hadley – Carbon Monoxide Advisor to Consumer Safety International and ANEC