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ICE Wallpaper Creator

After 10 years of campaigning for ICE – In Case of Emergency to be included on ALL mobile phones at the point of manufacture, Bob Brotchie (the creator of ICE) decided it was time to release his very own ICE app for iPhones and iPads as well as Android devices.

Why the need for another ICE app?

Well, even though millions of mobile phone users use some sort of ICE feature, there is still the issue of uniformity – the ease of ICEing your mobile and how quick it is for the hospital and/or a responder to access your ICE information.

At this point, I am very tempted to write a whole essay on the ease of ICEing a mobile phone. It can be straight forward but varies from model to model – let alone the differences between manufacturers. I won’t go into the differences but, after ICEing three different phones for my family, I can see the confusion. Unless you know what you are doing and/or take the time to familiarise yourself with the process, it’s not that easy. Hence, why it was my job to make sure our family was ICE’d!

So, why am I excited about this app?

Other than it being a release by ‘Bob Brotchie’, who created this concept and has the experience of researching the various forms of ICE since his creation, ICE Wallpaper Creator allows you to:

  • create a wallpaper that is ‘in the face’ of those who come to your aid; your ICE information is the first thing they see when they try to access your phone

  • create a custom wallpaper that includes the most important information needed by a responder or hospital staff… and thinking about it, even the person who may first come to your aid before an ambulance is called

  • take a selfie so it’s obvious that the ICE contacts, and medical information, belong to only YOU.

How does ICE work? See it in action!

Bob's ICE app is no longer available as it was part of the 2015/16 Campaign but you can still create an ICE wallpaper for your mobile phone. If you need any help in doing so, please contact us for assistance.

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